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Ohio Disability Vote Coalition Building Voting Bloc with Ohio Disability Vote 2012 Campaign

Columbus, Ohio - The Ohio Disability Vote Coalition (ODVC) has launched Ohio Disability Vote 2012 a coordinated campaign to build and strengthen the voting bloc specifically comprised of Ohioans with disabilities, their families and like-minded supporters.

Ohio Disability Vote 2012 is a ground-breaking project that is developing a stronger, collective voice for Ohioans with disabilities who vote and who care about the issues that directly affect their lives,” said Sue Hetrick, ODVC coordinator, and also the director of Public Policy for the Ability Center of Greater Toledo. “We want to be better heard in Ohio, and remind legislators and other policy makers that we are voting in greater and greater numbers.”

Individuals can join the ODVC database with a form located on the ODVC website, located at ODVC will attend numerous disability-related events throughout the state where people can sign up for Ohio Disability Vote 2012. ODVC can also be found on Facebook, and on Twitter (@OHdisabilityvot).

The ODVC formed in 2005 as a nonpartisan organization. In 2008, the ODVC partnered with national organizations and held a presidential forum on disability in Columbus, the only such large-scale forum focused on disability issues in the country that year. A 2012 presidential forum is currently being planned.

The ODVC’s immediate goal with Ohio Disability Vote 2012 is to enlist 2,012 Ohioans with disabilities, and others interested in disability issues into its database in 2012 to keep people with disabilities well informed about Ohio elections, deadlines associated with elections, voter registration, early voting and any changes or proposals regarding election policy in Ohio that impact people with disabilities. As the database grows, the ODVC will keep the members informed about ongoing disability-related issues to increase voter participation and have meaningful input at all stages of the legislative process and garner more attention by legislators to those issues and constituents.

Examples of issues important to people with disabilities include community-based support and services, community-based employment, accessible and affordable housing, improved transportation, education, health care, justice and civil rights.

The ODVC Mission: “To maximize the political power of Ohioans with disabilities through nonpartisan voter education, registration and participation of all people with disabilities at all levels of the election process.”


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