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The Ohio Latino Health Summit

Partnering to break barriers that lead to health disparity

Columbus, OH -  The Ohio Latino Health Summit will be a one-day event consisting of Simultaneous presentations/discussions on different topics related to health disparities faced by Latinos in Ohio. The goal is to build upon our existing knowledge of health disparities to better inform health service delivery for Latinos through sessions that share new and innovative research or "best-practice" tools for health service providers and non-profits.


Friday, August 3, 2012, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm


Ohio Job & Family Services - Air Center
4020 East 5th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43219

Ohio Latino Health Summit Objectives:

To provide the setting for multiple interactive workshops comprised of discussions between service providers, academics, government, and community leaders to share best practices and latest research on the identified health priority areas.

To provide researchers, service providers and organizations with a solid networking opportunity to promote their work and establish partnerships that will benefit future service delivery for Latinos and all Ohioans.

To inform the general public and the General Assembly on the state of Latino health in Ohio through a report containing the latest research, information, and resources presented at the summit, relative to the identified health priority areas.

Why a Latino Health Summit?

With the 63% increase in the Hispanic/Latino population of Ohio since 2000, the continuing and glaring health disparities that affect this community are increasingly more important to the quality of life, success, and future of the state. In an en effort to build on past health initiatives and to continue to improve health service delivery for Latinos, LULAC Ohio, the Ohio Department of Job & Faimily Services, the Ohio Latino Health Coalition, and the Ohio Latino Affairs Commission will host a Latino Health Summit on August 3, 2012. Through an effort based on best practices and the success of similar events around the country, the Summit will bring together knowledge experts, successful service providers, and community members and leaders eager to learn from the experience and take their knowledge back to their own communities.

The result will be in-depth and topic specific workshops that will go beyond identifying the issues we already know about, and allow instead for interactive discussions that will give service providers and non-profit leaders a hands-on opportunity to learn about the latest research and best practice methods in their area of service. Additionally, the Summit will serve as a meaningful networking opportunity for organizations and individuals to promote their services and plan new ideas and projects while also providing the general public with the current status of Latino health in Ohio.

As a result, the summit will have dynamic goals that will help service providers improve their services while helping to educate and raise awareness about the health challenges faced by Latinos in Ohio along with the resources available to them. Currently, there is strong consensus among groups about both the health issues that affect Latinos and the barriers and challenges in addressing those issues. Accordingly, the Ohio Latino Health Summit will provide a setting for improved methods for addressing barriers and challenges to better services for identified health issues based on a series of workshops/discussions centered on previously identified health priorities for Latinos in Ohio.

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