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EBE Helping Small Business Owners Get Access to Capital in Ohio & Abroad

“Learn how to get the flow you need without CASH - Banks Say NO Exceptions say YES”

Columbus, OH - Author of the book “The Exceptions To The Rules-Are you one? You Can BE! “How To Overcome ANY obstacle”, and radio show host on heard every Thursday LIVE at 6PM #ShopLocal #BeGlobal; E. Michelle Lee is on a mission to help people get access to resources they need to succeed in “Real Time” and “At The Speed of Business”. She inspires and educates people from various socio-economic backgrounds with diversified experiences and talents who have decided they are The Exception To The Rule.

The Exceptions Barter Exchange is only open to other business owners and is a member of a network of thousands of other businesses locally and globally. Small Business Owners need various materials and services to operate and generate business on a daily basis and they need inexpensive ways to advertise their own services to gain new cash paying clients. The Exceptions Barter Exchange is a great tool to use as a resource to save your cash and still get the things you need to do business; and gain new cash clients locally and globally.

Small Business Owners who use EBE can renovated their offices, buy new equipment, be approved for lines of credit (LOC), provide health care for their employees and themselves, take vacations they would not otherwise been able to take, purchase new marketing materials, get their websites updated, cover the cost of vendors, hire new vendors to do their carpets, HVAC, and more. The potential is unlimited to business owners who can grasp the concept of using a formal barter exchange to grow their business and revive the economy.

It’s time to learn about bartering and how it can cut your overhead cost, save your cashflow, and help you build your business! Book Exceptions Barter for a FREE Class- “Growing your business while Reviving our economy with the art of Barter/Trade; The Exceptions Resource Bank- and Barter Exchange.

E. Michelle Lee, owner of
Apply today for your FREE Membership and get started with moving your business forward. Alternative Currency is one thing the economy can’t take away when cash is no longer king. "Banks Say NO Exceptions say YES;

E. Michelle Lee
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